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About Me

Hi, I’m Tony Wallis the author of Boomer Review and now the proud author of 'Adventures of an Old Maggot.' I was born in Ebbw Vale, South Wales and migrated to Australia with my parents more than 50 years ago. I now live in Adelaide, South Australia.

I spent most of my working life in the sales/management side of the commercial construction industry. The characters in the novel are based on some of the characters I met over those years in the industry.

I am a keen reader of both fact and fiction my interests are many and varied ranging from politics to comparative religion.

Like most people drawn to writing, I have many short stories and poems written over the years tucked away in deep storage, usually discovered when looking for something else.

A few years ago I decided to get some professional guidance with my writing and enrolled in an Advanced Diploma in Professional Writing course at the local college. This took me almost four years to complete on a part time basis. It was quite intensive especially combined with the long working hours I was putting in at the same time. It was however the instigator of the 'Old Maggot novel. We were required to outline, and roughly draft a novel as part of the course.

The disc it was saved on was long gone, the outline, in hard copy, stayed in deep storage  until some time after I retired. One day after coming across it accidentally, I made the decision to complete it and turn the rough draft into a finished novel. 
I enjoyed writing the novel and I hope you will enjoy reading it. If you do, I would really appreciate a positive review on the Amazon site.Just a few words would be great.
Thank you. 


Adventures of an Old Maggot

Will this ‘old maggot’ stay off the hook?

A Maggot is described in the Aussie Slang Dictionary as a ‘reprehensible character.’

What does an ‘old maggot’ do when his wife dies unexpectedly, and his house burns down?

Set in the suburbs of Melbourne Australia, in the early 1970’s, Grindal Falcon must adjust to a whole new way of living. Unwittingly, he moves in with two gay men. Unable to come to terms with his homophobia, he transfers to a ‘Gentleman’s Boarding House,’ run by a dictatorial landlady and filled with very few gentlemen. 

Follow the adventures of this likeable villain as he tries to survive his new way of life.

Boomer Review

was initially set up as a blog site to offer opinions and comments on current and past events. It was mainly targeted at the senior or 'Boomer' generation.

The site was originally set up approximately three years ago, however, because most of my spare time has been spent writing the novel, there have been no new posts published for quite some time.

Having retained the domain name and the site,  I have decided to use it as an author web page.

I have saved some of the old posts which I think were quite interesting and I hope you
feel the same.​​​